Angkor Chum District

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Angkor Chum District

Visit Siem Reap > Angkor Chum District


Located in the far northwest of Siem Reap, this is one of the remote districts in the province and has seen few visitors to date. Poeung Tanon is the main attraction in Angkor Chum District, a remote hill that is dotted with striking rock formations and offers impressive views across lowland Cambodia. It is becoming a popular picnic spot for Cambodian families at the weekend and offers the possibility for an overnight camping adventure for intrepid travelers with a hammock or tent. Stargazing would be a good activity out here, far from the light pollution of any population centres. There is an active monastery out here and a handful of food stalls selling simple staples.

Elsewhere in the district, most of the economy is based on agriculture, including rice, cassava and animal husbandry.

Population: 68,019

Communes: 7

Villages: 84

Area: 479 sq km

Population Density: 139 people/sq km

District Capital: Char Chhouk


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