Siem Reap Town

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Siem Reap Town

Visit Siem Reap > Siem Reap Town


Siem Reap town needs no introduction. It is gateway to the majestic temples of Angkor and a world-renowned destination in its own right that draws millions of visitors from all over the world. Attractions include the world’s largest religious building, the one and only Angkor Wat; the mysterious and enigmatic faces of the Bayon temple; and the jungle ruins of Ta Prohm, straight out of a Hollywood movie set. But it’s not all temples, with a huge number of activities on offer, including motorbike tours, quad biking, bird spotting, cooking classes, classical dance performances and so much more. If you only planning a few days in Siem Reap to visit Angkor, think again, as there is so much more than the incredible temples to see and do here.

There are world-class hotels, boutique resorts, local guesthouses and hip hostels to provide a comfortable stay. When it comes to wining and dining, there are some of the best restaurants in Cambodia found here, including good-cause restaurants like Marum, Sala Bai and Spoons Café, plus there is legendary Pub St, the nightlife hub in Siem Reap and home to many popular bars. Shopping is a big draw in Siem Reap and there are some amazing galleries, boutiques and markets to browse. Add it all together and it is easy to spend a week or more exploring Siem Reap, the temples of Angkor and community-based activities in the districts beyond.

This website is aimed at promoting community-based tourism and responsible tourism in the smaller districts beyond Siem Reap town. For more on the attractions of Siem Reap, see

Population: 240,648

Communes: 99

Villages: 76

Area: 425 sq km

Population Density: 566 people /sq km

District Capital: Siem Reap


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