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Cambodia’s tradition of artisan ship is exemplified by the incredible bas-relief carvings on the Temples of Angkor and its intricate statuary. There are many handicraft initiatives around Siem Reap Province, including silk and cotton weaving, pottery and stone carving. However, it is not just the tangible culture that is such an important link to Cambodia’s glorious past, but also intangible culture such as the arts of classical dance and shadow puppetry.


Handcarved wooden statues of deities associated with the temples of Angkor, produed by the Bayon Smile community and on sale near Banteay Srei temple.

  • 097 941 2832


Cotton kramas with contemporary designs.

  • 012 632 791

Hand-carved shadow puppets which are used in traditional performances in Siem Reap town.

Handicrafts workshop producing original pottery and scarves.

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This traditional village appeals to Chinese visitors looking to learn about local life in Cambodia.

  • 097 445 1998

Handicrafts project including striking contemporary cotton kramas (scarves) and Angkor-inspired pottery.

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There are lots of small enterprises around Siem Reap Province enganged in traditional silk and cotton weaving.

Stone carving workshop that recreates the incredible sandstone sculptures seen around the temples of Angkor.


This stunning silk farm is part of a  world-renowned handicrafts revitalization project operated by Artisans Angkor.  Free tours daily from Siem Reap.

Traditional cotton and silk weaving, plus handicrafts in a rural village setting, linked to the Angkor Handicraft Association (AHA).